Thursday, July 17, 2014

Garden Yummies...

 This year we are enjoying our garden veggies.....

 We have zucchini coming out our ears,
 but we're not complaining :)
Our eggplant has been on the small side, but it's oh so tasty...
This was our first year to grow cabbage.
We battled some bugs, but we won in the end...
We'll definitely be planting cabbage again next year since
 we all love it!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A few words on Wednesday.....

~Our John Deere Princess~

We're still here :)
Summer is moving right along and we are soaking in every minute of it....
so, I haven't slowed down to blog.
I'll try to do better at sharing or at least post some pictures~

Happy Wednesday Ya'll


Monday, June 23, 2014

Blogging Randomness....

*means lack of pattern or predictability in events.
This sums up my blogging recently...
Matter of fact it sums up my thought process "random"!
There are many things swimming around in my head to share,
 and more pictures to post than I could ever catch up on.
I am still going to get the kids birthday pictures posted,
but other than that I'm not sure what I'll go back to share....
Past is well, past, and there is much future ahead :) 
Thanks for stopping by to visit,
I'll leave you with a bit of randomness from May...
Family,  Friends, Animals, The Aquarium, and Simply Life



Our life isn't flashy, it's just simple....
And simple is good :)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Life...right now

As I sit a top our back field and look out at the mountains I can't help but think of the life we left behind. Most people would think I/ we would be missing our old life and home. Funny thing is I had thought I might miss some of it, never did I dream I would love this new life as much as I do!!!

Yes, we traded in our well manicured lawn, a refreshing pool, and a home that was, well, exactly how we had envisioned our perfect home to be. Thing is, once our house was what we thought was perfect, our vision changed! We began to look at the country with open land, lush green fields and quaint farm homes.... and our dream/vision became what is today our new life;)

We now have a home made of old wood....and lots of new!

We don't have shrubs but wild flowers and weeds :)

Our neighbors seem to mind their own business..... I love watching them graze.

And our kiddos they have land to roam, they dig in dirt, sometimes come in with ticks, and let their imagination run wild! We've found such freedom just to be:)

The sun is starting to set and the flies that were once buzzing around my ears and starting to disappear one by one....I love the country flies and all! It's truly the simple pleasures of life that are most enjoyable.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Family pictures....NOOOOO!!!!!

I'm pretty sure this was the reaction Mary Ann 
(along with 13 other family members)
had on Easter afternoon,
when I subjected the entire family to "pictures"!!!

You know I married a photographer, and it was in the 1990's when everyone took the posed family pictures. So, it's hard to break tradition/habit, and I'm the Mama,
 and the Mama wants pictures :)
The children were sweet and went along, thank you adult children...
I'd thank the younger ones but hey, they didn't get a choice ;)

All in all the pictures turned out, OK?!? Some goofy, some serious, and one or 2 that really looked like us. I'm happy with the attempt that was made, and will treasure the memory of trying to get the pictures as much as the pictures themselves.
As you can see Mary Ann was, well, Mary Ann that silly girl!